Compensation VR

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Compensation VR is a VR Social Multiplayer game, developed by Subsurface Studios.
Our primary intention is to be a fun and engaging experience for all.

But you probably already knew that, so let's dive a little deeper.

Compensation VR was started in february 2021 by two teenagers, in the vein of social VR games like Rec Room, VRChat, NeosVR, and more.
Since it's inception, Compensation has grown to include a small team of developers, designers, and artists.
Compensation VR has served (and will continue to serve) as a learning experience for all of us developers, as well as a social & creative space for all.

We do our best to enforce a fair and open environment for all to enjoy, by providing ample guidance & a clear Code of Conduct for all users.

With more to come in the future, and even more being developed right this moment, why not give it a shot?