Compensation VR

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We're glad you're interested in downloading Compensation VR!
You can find the most recent versions on Oculus,, and SideQuest.


To install Compensation VR, you will need either a VR-Ready PC and a PCVR headset (PC edition) or an Oculus Quest 2 / Oculus Quest 1 (Quest edition). Your computer does not need to be VR-capable for standalone VR.

Quest - Oculus App Lab

You can now install Compensation through Oculus App Lab! Simply follow this link, and "get" the app, then install it on your Quest!


To install Compensation VR on PC, you will need to download the file "Compensation VR {version}.zip" from either SideQuest or above.
From there, extract the contents of the zip file into a folder where you rememember it, and you're set! Just run "Compensation VR.exe" while SteamVR is open to play!

Oculus App Lab

Quest - SideQuest

To install Compensation VR on Quest, you'll need to download "Compensation VR {version}.apk" from SideQuest or
You will need SideQuest installed on your computer, and Developer Mode enabled on your quest. If you do not know how to do this, please follow this tutorial.

SideQuest Official Tutorial

From there, take the .apk file and install it on your Quest using SideQuest. You can then launch it from the "Unknown Sources" tab in your Oculus Library.