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Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

2. Agreements

By using Compensation VR or any other service or API related to Compensation VR and maintained by Subsurface Studios, you agree to this Privacy Policy in it's entirety.
If you do not agree to this, you may not use Compensation VR or any other Subsurface Studios service or application.

3. Opt-Out

If You so choose, You can request either:

These options are not mutually exclusive.
For more information on either of these Opt-Out paths, please contact the Compensation VR development team directly with Your inquiry.

4. Data Collection

We collect a certain amount of data about You when you use Compensation VR.
Some of this data is given directly to Us, and some is gathered automatically as you play Compensation VR.

Information You provide to Us directly, (for example, Your username) is referred to as Direct Disclosure.
Information We gather automatically as you play Compensation VR is referred to as Automatic Disclosure.

Direct Disclosure includes:

Automatic Disclosure includes:

5. Data Usage

Data collected by Us will be used for the following purposes:

6. Automatic Exception Reporting (AER)

AER is an opt-in program in which the Compensation VR software will automatically report any errors and/or exceptions encountered during excecution. These reports consist of the raw error message emitted by the erroneous code, as well as the relevant stack trace. Measures exist to anonymize this information, however, the raw contents of the report may breach these measures, and there are no guarantees as to the anonymity of any data submitted via AER. Participation in AER serves to fill potential gaps in manual bug reporting, for example, in cases where a software bug is either not easily visible, or where a user may be unwilling to report an issue.
Care is taken to ensure all data collected through AER(API logs notwithstanding) is encrypted at-rest, and the database server is completely blind to the unencrypted form of stored information. Decryption is performed by means of a physically distinct server, access to which is granted only to authorized members of the Subsurface Studios team.
As part of AER, participants may additionally opt in to including their user ID in AER reports. By opting into this, you give permission for relevant members of the Subsurface Studios team to contact you in regards to collected reports.