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Update 1.4.0

Our entire goal with this update was to create CVR/Airsoft. We ran into some serious challenges, and we hope we've managed to pull it off well. We missed some of the features we wanted because of time & techical constraints, but it should hopefully still be worth playing. We know we've enjoyed playing & testing it, and we hope you will too.

With that being said, here's the update, in full.

Major Updates


We've released a new CVR Original Room, we hope you enjoy it.
This is something we've been planning for almost a year now, since the beginning of modern CVR.

CVR/Airsoft is a competitive PvP game, where you fight against other players in a variety of environments.
The only available gamemode currently is Free For All, where players are all for themselves and must attack other players to score points.
There are currently two maps available, Quarry and Wet Work.
By default, you spawn in Quarry. From there, players can vote on the next map to play on, and it will change between games.
We hope that this room sets a new standard for CVR, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Are you tired of getting stuck in a different instance of a room from your friends, no matter how much you rejoin?
Do you want to be able to bring people to your Apartment, but joining it is always a new instance?
We've solved both these issues! You can now use the Player Profile menu to invite players to your current instance!
You can only invite players once, and then you cannot invite them again until they either accept or decline.
Invites expire after 5 minutes, but you still will not be able to invite them again until they decline.
Sorry spammers, not today!

Minor Updates

Bug Fixes


We don't normally have a news section in our patch notes, but this is extremely important.
On 22 May 2022, we were attacked by an unknown individual, resulting in over 5000 erroneous images being uploaded to the API.
This resulted in the image API being down for 24 hours, and we were forced to disable image uploads to maintain server integrity.
You can read more about that event here, but that's not what this is about.
The fact that we were attacked without provocation is a very big step forward from our status as a small indie game, and we were forced to consider what this could mean for us as a game.
With that being said, we're taking a stronger focus on security and transparency moving forward, from hardening our servers and improving configuration to maintaining a safe environment for all users.

In line with our new focus on security, we're still maintaining our Bug Bounty Program.
If you find a security vulnerability or other critical exploit, please report it to us so we can resolve it.
You can find more information about our Bug Bounty Program here.
If you're interested in looking over the source code of our servers, you can find it here. Our server infrastructure is entirely open sourced, meaning we rely on you to find problems that we missed.
With all that in mind, thank you, and we hope you enjoy this update!