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Compensation VR 1.6.0

Major Updates

New UI

We've completely redone our User Interface, in a brand new 3D style with a new color palette and cleaner icons. If you'd like to opt-in, you can do so under the Settings > Advanced > Use New UI. You can go back at any time using the new Settings menu and enabling "Use Legacy UI". We'll continue to allow use of the legacy feature, but from now on it won't be supported with the exception of gamebreaking issues.

This UI is still work in progress, please let us know of any issues you have here.
We currently don't support use of the Messaging menu, but that's soon to come.

Missing features

There are a few things missing from the new UI, which we intend to add shortly. They are:

Profile Pictures

Select players now have profile pictures! This isn't a split test, we just didn't have time to add the option to set your profile picture. The ability to set your profile picture to any photo you have taken is coming soon!

Room Photos

Rooms now have cover images! All Official rooms (i.e Lounge & Airsoft) have room icons, and custom rooms will have the ability to set a room image in the future, when they release.

Synced Settings

All settings are now synchronized on your account across all devices. This includes blocked players now too! You will need to set your settings back to their old values, as they don't carry over from the old system sadly.

Bug Fixes

Known Issues

We always hate to include a section like this, but we were to limited on time to fix these minor issues. Hopefully we can get them fixed next update!


Thank you for playing Compensation VR, and we hope you enjoy this update! If you encounter any issues, please make sure to submit them to the new Canny, and have fun!
We hope to see you in-game soon!