Compensation VR

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Compensation VR 1.7.0

Major Updates

Redone Apartment

We've completely redone CVR/Apartment to be more performant, better looking, and generally a better experience. It's nearing 1 THOUSAND visits, so we figured it was time to spruce things up a bit! If you have suggestions for furniture or other additions to the Apartment, please let us know on our canny page.

Automatic Error Reporting

Automatic Error Reporting (also known as AER internally) is a brand new feature we've added! In short, it's an opt-in system that gives us information about errors your game encounters. We hope this will help us fix any issues that you may not report to us, without any intervention required! We're going to make a video explaining this system soon, so stay tuned!

Legal Changes

Privacy Policy Update

In order to implement AER, we needed to update our privacy policy to allow it. If you haven't already, please make sure to re-read it here.

Coming Soon

Website Rewrite

We know the website currently doesn't look the best, so we're currently working to figure out how we want to make a better one. In the meantime, hopefully it doesn't hurt your eyes too much. ;)


We're going to be trying to put out more content on our YouTube channel here soon, and we have some big updates in the works.

As always, thanks for playing Compensation, and we hope to see you in-game sometime!